Trapped In a Season of Grey's Anatomy

After Iain's bout with neuroleptic malignancy syndrome I had shared with Sarah and Lisa that Iain's trials and tribulations were even more intense than the fiction ER or Grey's Anatomy. could cook up  Now it feels like we are characters in a hospital soap that they just do not want to get rid of.  I admit I pushed for Iain to have a swallow test before we left St. Louis as we were told that if he passed it we could have a "conversation" about removing the trach.  On Thursday he passed. Fantastic but then we had to track down ENT. His own ENT doctor had gone on maternity leave which was rather thoughless of her so we had to find another.  The lovely speech therapist who gave Iain his high marks (he can now eat with his head turned to the left to block off those recalciltrant muscles) did her best to get an answer.  

For months we have heard how easy it would be to remove it - it is just like a piercing - pull it out, put some gauze on it hey presto.  But no, in fact ENT want him admitted for 24 hour observation and then in the area for two to three more days.  Also they could not admit him until Tuesday.  This was very upsetting as we had been eager to get home this weekend especially as my dad had not been doing very well, and so we were a bit on tenderhooks.  Fortunately my dad is more stable and oh well one more week...... So let us hope that Tuesday/Wednesday goes without hitch.


well, it's not the first time I've heard that Grey's Anatomy is really good series. Even reviews on  says it's worth to watch. But, i'll be sincere, I tried to watch it and didn't felt anything. It's not even interesting medicl drama. It's just melo. A lot of love, relationships and soap. I son't really like such thing. Better just rewatch House MD. 

I have not checked in here

I have not checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I¡¦ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it friend aparelho auditivo

Thinking of you extra today

Thinking of you extra today Iain! Good luck with this next milestone.

Good luck this week!

Good luck this week! Everyone's eager to see you, Iain!