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Dunbar Ivy
I am so happy for Iain to be having a good day!
Hector Urroz
Ian, best wishes, hang in there! Hector and Sousan your neighbors in South Meadow.
Moira and Vijai
Iain you are constantly in our thoughts. We wish we were close enough to visit you and see the wonderful progress you are making-keep it up! LOTS of LOVE! Nana and Grandpa
Dear John & Seema, The Lombardi family are storming heaven for Iain and for you both. We met when we lived in Longmont over 9 years ago (now live in Columbus, OH)  and met through Sarah Dormon & Sarah Mitelhaus.  Our son Peter with Down syndrome has had many obstacles with open heart surgery at 5 months old and now at 10 years old, is battling leukemia but doing well tolerating the chemotherapy treatments for the past 18 months.  During this time and seeing our son suffer has been very difficult however our burden and strength is lifted as we see the out pouring of love, prayers  and support from friends and family...and those we hardly knew.  So we extend prayers of healing, strength, and the ability to see God grace through this very difficult time. Hope you received the hospital gift card we sent.  It was a blessing to have them as we lived at the hospital for many months with Peter.  God Bless, Brenda & Matt Lombardi
Sara Thompson
I just read your latest blog, and am hoping that Iain's fever and infection will diminish. I'm wishing you all continued strength - you have all been a marvel. Love, Sara Thompson
Michelle Laub
Thinking of you all. The strength and faith you have is relentless! I'm so glad to hear Iain is getting to communicate more and more and just elated that the new lungs are acclimating to their new home and heart!
JoAnn Restrepo
Seema & John Leslie e-mailed us and told us about Iain's transplant. We have since been keeping up with your blogs. You have always been a special family to us and what you are all going through is weighing on our hearts. From the picture you posted of Iain I can see he has grown into a very handsome young man--we haven't seen him since he was about 8yrs old in his wetsuit swimming in your parent's pool, John. We are praying for Iain's recovery and for God to give you both strength, encouragement, peace, rest and the wisdom you need when making decisions concerning Iain's care. Our love to you all, Fabio&JoAnn Restrepo
Sara Thompson
I'm thinking of you, Iain, and sending love and strength to you and your family. Your Summit family is holding all of you in our hearts every day.
Donna Majcen
Thinking and praying for you Iain. You are so strong.
Michelle Laub
There is a Summit heart with Iain's name sitting next to me at my classroom desk, as I am sending up prayers every chance I get. Prayers for the dance between Iain's lungs, heart, kidneys, and everyone supporting him.