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Lynn and John Fleming
Iain, Seema, and John, Iain, you are truly one of the strongest and bravest young men that we know. Apparently, you inherited it from your amazing parents! We can't imagine all that you've been through. Please know that we are thinking of you and your family as you fight to get better soon. Much love to ALL of you! Lynn and John
The Abrahams
Happy to hear that you're on the move, Iain! Sounds like you're energized for the boys' visit. What a fantastic reunion it will be! Thank goodness the constant nausea has subsided. I know that Dean's really excited to see you. How wonderful that the hospital has organized a venue for everyone to gather. They sound like the best bunch a family could hope for. Seema keep the positive news coming! Won't be long now, Iain, until the squad's reunited! Best to all xx The Abrahams
Moira and Vijai Prakash
Iain ,we continue to be so proud of you.To me you are like a young Grecian warrior -absolutely devoted to your cause--which is to make sure all those wonderful doctors and nurses working for you and with you are recognized not only for their medical abilities but for their true friendship,caring and compassion which I believe is the back bone to your successful recovery. Please tell them your Nana and Grandpa think they are" The Bee's Knees" Meanwhile you keep them happy by doing the "Right Thing!" Love Nana and Grandpa.
Jill kamon
I read entries the minute I see them posted. I am so looking forward to seeing you all when you get home.......what a journey. Jill Kamon
  Hi Hess family from Boulder!  What a journey! Thank you for the posts. I read them all and pray for each one of you nightly. Love is all.  Kirsten and Tim  
Michelle Laub
Glad tidings from la clase de español! A pretty good Thursday and walking this weekend, yes! Sending hellos and cheers for more. Way to go Iain, you are the bravest person I know!
Moira Prakash
Iain we are so so delighted with your progress-not just delighted but -jumping up and down with joy-well I am -Grandpa is grinning with pleasure!!! Keep up the good work and continue to thrill us with your "class acts." We are so very happy for you to have Simon visit you and just wish we were closer.Keep up the good work. Lots of love, Nana and Grandpa
Sara Weatherley
I have been following your blog regularly. It was so inspirational to read your entry. I can only imagine the smile on everyone's faces as Iain surpassed the expectations for walking today. Truly amazing!
Mrs Glander
Iain, Ever since I first met you as a Kindergartner at High Peaks, and throughout your 6 years there, you have always been a positive, brave young man. You have accomplished many things in your life so far , and there is so much more for you to look forward to in the future. Be strong and fight your hardest to get better and to live a healthy happy life. As we use to do in the halllways of school....fist pump! You can do it buddy! Lots of Love, Mrs Glander