Update on behalf of Seema and John

Seema has asked me to update the blog this morning.  I will do my best to convey the brief news I received this morning. 

Iain had a fairly decent night.  However, following an X-Ray a white area was seen in the chest.  Unfortunately, the medical team were not able to determine from the X-ray what this white area is.  Iain is now going back into the Operating Room to see if they can determine what this is.  Another complication is that despite Iain receiving multiple blood transfusions his hemoglobin in not going up as expected.

Today presents many more tough challenges, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.  In addition, keep the positive comments on the blog coming, everything and everyone will help Iain stay strong.

John's reflections and the next few days...

Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes for Iain. Seema and I have been frankly humbled by our friends who have been praying and sending positive energy Iain's way. Thank you!

Please post you comments on Seema's blog

Seema and John have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from their friends and family.  They are extremely grateful for the phone calls, emails, texts etc.  They are sorry if they cannot respond to everyone, but please know they are extremely grateful for your kindness.  Seema and John have been quietly reading to Iain the comments that people have posted in response to their blog entries.  This blog provides a great forum for friends and family to record their words of love and support to the family.  As requested by the family they would appreciate you writing your words of support in the comments section below each blog they make.  This will make it much easier for John and Seema to share your words with Iain.  Thank you.

Finally a light..

Finally we are seeing the bleeding out of the chest cavity slow down.  It has been a long hard battle.  He has had continuous transfusions but now needs fewer.  He has had constantly a minimum of four to five people looking after him at one time, often more and in the surgery at least 20.  We are bowled over by the staff here.

Iain is not out of the woods yet.  He has a big hurdle when they add blood thinners which they must do as he is still on the ECMO machine and will be for a few more days.  He is chemically paralyzed and is also on pain chemicals but John and I tell him about your messages.  I would say John and I can breath now.

I do not always respond but it is of great comfort that people that people are thinking of him and sending us their wishes.  It really is.

I honestly can say I thought last night we would lose him.  More hurdles but a light at the end of the tunnel.



Just out of surgery and into ICU

Good morning, Much of the night was spent attempting to find the source of the bleeding around Iain's left lung. We initially thought that source was found, but at around 2:30 AM CST it was determined that his bleeding was still too high and another round of surgical investigation was performed.

That was wrapped up around 5:30 AM CST. Although there were no obvious sources of bleeding found, small fixes were made and it appears that this bleeding has been reduced! He has been packed up with gauze and transitioned to ICU where he'll remain on the ecmo machine while his heart and lungs "rest." He is stable for now which is the best that we can hope for after 17 hours in surgery.

Our current plan is to keep him in a very quiet and stable state for the next three or four days while the bleeding is monitored.

Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support. We will keep you posted on his progress!

--Iain's dad


Second update on behalf of Seema

A recent update on behalf of the Hess Family.  Iain's surgeon has
described Iain's situation as "tenuous." All of the attempts to stop the bleeding have put his new lungs in a tough spot.  The medical team used a laser to work on the area that was bleeding.  They should know in about an hour if that worked.  Iain is now going to Cardiac Intensive Care with an open chest and artificial lung/heart.  He will remain in this state for at least two or three days while the new lungs attempt to recover.  This intervention is known as ECMO, it is an extracorporeal technique of providing both cardiac and respiratory support.

Update on behalf of Seema

Dear Friends and Family

It has been an extremely long day for the Hess family and Seema has asked if I would update her blog on her behalf.  Unfortunately, there have been some complications with Iain's surgery.  He has been bleeding for over three hours and despite the surgeons pushing blooding clotting medications Iain continues to bleed.  There are now two surgeons working on Iain to try to find the source of the bleed, they will be putting him on a machine that will circulate the blood out of the lungs to help locate the source.

Off Heart Lung Machine

Iain has been off the heart lung machine for about an hour which is great.  He does have a fair amount of bleeding which is less welcome but not unexpected given that he was on blood thinners.  It is a fine line for the medical team to walk as the thinner blood is good for the machine but obviously a bit of a problem when the bleeding does not stop.  They are giving him blood "products" So everyone  - we want his blood to clot. 

Iain and visitors pre-transplant

New Lungs Are In

Iain's new lungs are in and they are working to take him off the heart/lung machine.

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